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    December 05, 2019


    Judith Trojan

    I love this piece, and the memories it conjures up! Thank you! We too had Chestnut trees in my Jersey neighborhood (the next block up from mine), but we never played this game...
    although maybe the boys did. My girlfriends and I used to collect the Chestnuts and use them as fake food when we pretended to be Pilgrims living off the bounty of our new found land!!... or played “house” or “store.” We may have tried to eat one or two; but, on second thought, probably not. There’s nothing better than eating roasted Chestnuts! I had no idea or forgot that the trees were wiped out by disease in the Northeast. Very sad.

    Frank Lombardi

    via Facebook ...

    Absolute nostalgia! I think the best I ever did was a 5 killer. Used sneaker shoelaces. The vinegar thing never worked for me.

    Varda Amdur

    Via Facebook ...

    There's a beautiful Chestnut tree at the far end of a parking lot in Tarrytown. This was where I parked for work. Every season, I would gather them. I even gave a few to my brother in remembrance of Killer Chestnuts of yore. I still keep two in a cup well of my car and they are a great source of joy.

    Mike Justino

    via Facebook ...

    Thanks Dave for this story. We harvested our chestnuts from a grand old chestnut tree on the fringe of the parking lot in Brush Park.

    My ‘secret’ to creating a champion chestnut was leaving it under some cloths in my draw for a couple of weeks.

    Fond memories 🙂

    Doug Waitzman

    via Facebook ...

    David, I played the chestnut game with you and others as a young kid living @ 445 Gramatan Ave, Mount Vernon. Very fond memories of gathering chestnuts, soaking them in vinegar and leaving them out to harden on the fire escape.

    Toby Bloomberg

    via Facebook ...

    Never played the chestnut game my memories are eating chestnuts from street vendors who sold hot chestnuts on Boylston Street in Boston. 😋

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