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    June 19, 2018


    Jeanne Byington


    First, it would be nice for the president to know the difference between a policy and a law.

    Second, if he took the time to check out recent history, he would notice that even if the law was on his side, no president, regardless of party, chose to take young children away from parents. Sure they could have. Sure it would have had impact. But at what cost?

    The blame game is unprofessional and time-wasting. Anyone who has run an event for business or family knows that if a part of the plan isn't working out, or if someone has made a mistake, change/fix the problem, move on and once the event is over, if appropriate, revisit the error and address the problem so it doesn't happen again.

    This man has created a human crisis. He seems to be numb to others who are ill or disadvantaged and has gotten away with harming millions with tax and health initiatives and nobody squawked. So this time he miscalculated--bet he's surprised.

    With a phone call he can reverse it. Every moment he doesn't he and those who think playing mean and dirty is a good idea, look worse. One administration official couldn't understand why people are offended and alarmed "because the kids have TV." There still are millions who support him. One caller to WOR 710 Radio yesterday morning said the kids have two soccer fields to play on. Jeanne to the caller: Each team is made up of 11 kids so 44 kids have something to do. Shocking that a game or a TV is equal to a parent in their eyes.

    As you point out, they make all US citizens look mean, nasty and inhuman. This isn't so. We cannot let this go on.

    David Reich

    Thanks for your great comment, Jeanne.

    Steven Miller

    via Facebook ...

    It is extremely sad that in just less than 2 years Trump and his brown nosed republican members of the House and Senate have done so much to destroy what this country has stood for since this country was founded. Why is it that those republicans refuse to stand up against Trumps trashing of, not only our country but that of the rest of our (used to be) friends around the world?

    The answer is simple, they have no guts at all because they all know that without Trumps support or lack of support, they will not be reelected. It is time for them to get some "Balls" and do what is right for our country and stop just thinking their party.

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