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    February 11, 2016


    Bambe Levine

    Your 2cents article today on you-know-who is wonderful. So well written and true. Thanks for your expert insight and for writing this article.

    Shelly P

    Well said.

    Jeanne Byington


    If a leaf falls in Central Park, the media rushes to ask the man you describe for his opinion and no other candidates on either side of the aisle. Much of the increasingly uneducated population seeing this coverage associates it with endorsement. Like you I fully blame the media for his place today.

    If Hillary or Bernie answered, "I'll handle it when it happens and you'll know it will be the best solution in the world," they would be diced into tiny verbal pieces. Even the biggest media stars give him a pass when interviewing him. The spirit of Tim Russert, where are you?

    As media empires merge, like banking and other key industries, the power of the owners has grown out of proportion. With so few jobs left in the media, reporters who need to feed families are reluctant to counter the boss's instructions, which may be part of the reason for their behavior. I don't imply that the old boy's club is at work here because I don't know. But crazy talk in Tweets and sound bytes makes for fun headlines and owners are pressed to add to audiences which translates to advertising.

    The implications of this situation are more horrifying. The crucial fourth estate that has saved us from continuing scandalous behavior, theft and law-breaking at the highest levels by uncovering it, has lost its focus and purpose. Should the man you describe in your post become President, will it be similarly cowed? You see where I am going with this.

    Sheri Robbins

    Great piece! A great summation of the blowhard and the media's complicity in giving him the platform he doesn't deserve. My sentiments precisely. Since we can't hope he'll just go too far in his revolting ways, let's hope people eventually catch on to the emptiness of his boasts.
    Stay warm!!

    Nancy A. Berlin

    You are so right!


    Last night, was beyond the Pale!

    Carol Shlossman

    Extremely well said, David. I found it hard to believe that the moderator[s] last night did not shut him off from his constant interruptions. Why does the media just sit back and let him do his thing, as vile, vulgar, and nasty as it is, not to mention incredibly immature. I don't know what they are afraid of - hurting his very thin skin?

    Elizabeth Duffy Vermette

    via Facebook ...

    I like your blogs David. I understand Trump's initial appeal. He says what he thinks, doesn't back down and has done a job on the liberal, national media. But as you say he has become a side show. He reminds me a lot of Obama but instead of Hope and Change with no details he just talks about Making America Great again. It will be interesting to see what happens in the wake of Scalia's death. I've been surprised that the Court wasn't a bigger issue to begin with for conservatives. Am hoping people will start voting more responsibly now. P.S. I know probably hundreds of people who don't like Obama. It isn't the color of his skin that's the problem. It is the content of his character and his policies.

    Jeanne Byington

    via Facebook ...

    Reply to Elizabeth Vermette's comment: Does he say what he thinks or what he knows will get him more attention? Speaking in the unfiltered way little children do--which is charming when they do--doesn't equate to honesty and in adults is off-putting. I also don't think that bullying people is the way to get what you want in the long run. They never forget.

    David Reich

    Thanks you all for your comments here.

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