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    August 23, 2015


    Shelley P

    Long live print.

    Gary Borenstein

    Ah... a subject I know something about! My graphic design firm produced print media exclusively as of about 10 yrs ago. Since then our clients are looking to continuously expand their digital presence and now about 80% of our business is online. Why? Through creative and cost effective marketing, they can get their message to a broader audience FAR more cost effectively than through print. Global advertising was not even possible through print for some firms. Email marketing, blogs, online newsletters, online brochures, questionnaires, surveys, additional information resources, e-commerce and the ability to edit and update on a dime are strong selling points for our digital age.

    And, we don't even need a computer any longer! Email, specialty apps, banking, You Tube... the entire internet is at our fingertips, 24/7 through our phones and tablets! We are a society of "instant gratification". You can't be more instant than asking Siri to find you a good local Chinese restaurant or voice-generated directions (hopefully accurate) from one location to another. Is it perfect.. no, but where else can you find almost any information, entertainment or buy nearly anything from anywhere at a click of a mouse?

    Print is not dead. There are those who want to hold a piece of paper in their hands. Target-market direct mail and magazines are still created by well-financed printers. Some magazines seem to be doing well... or at least they have a lot of page advertising! Many magazines, like many newspapers, have significantly shrunk to a fraction of their size. Real Simple, doing well. Rolling Stone, not so much.

    As a design resource company, we go where the money is and I watch the trends very carefully. Our customers will spend over 10 times more online than they will in print. Approximately 40% of our customers have virtually no print media at all!

    The times.. they are a-changin'. Is it possible that print will see a resurgence again? That's anyones guess?

    David Reich

    Thanks, Gary, for your thoughtful comment, chock-full of good info.

    Yes, more money is being spent on digital and I read that it will surpass the spend on TV this year. Interesting, especially since digital "space" generally costs a fraction of what print and TV cost. I assume that as measurement improves and real readership of digital ads gets better, the cost will go up.

    As you said... That's anyone's guess.


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