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    June 18, 2015



    First order of business upon Trump's entrance to the White House: change the name to Donald J. Trump White House and install 18-karat goldleaf fence surrounding WH. It's true he's been philanthropic, but genuine altruism, to me, means that you don't have to splash your name over it (i.e. Wollman Rink aka Trump Rink in Central Park).

    David Reich

    @ EAM -- I agree -- true altruism isn't when you donate in exchange for splashing your name on things. The Wollman Rink is one example. Read Phil Reisman's column (linked in my post) to hear about how he donated land in upper Westchester when he was unsuccessful in converting it to a golf course. The donation was contingent on naming the state park in his name -- the only state park named for a living person.

    Jeanne Byington

    Trump counts on bluster to smudge history. I worry that millions will default to a person they consider “tells it like it is,” as he launches his poisonous, angry darts to lambast his competition with any old thought that he knows will resonate with others who share his prejudices. Didn’t he lead the charge regarding President Obama’s birth certificate? We laugh at him now, a person with zero minutes in office, but I worry that he may go farther than sensible people like you and those you quote realize.

    I can’t put my finger on his motivation. I think it may be that his ego can’t tolerate others in the limelight without some of it shining on him. I winced when I read--as you also noted--that he paid people to attend his announcement, much like what happened in the British sitcom “As Time Goes By.” Alistair, the book publisher, paid actors to line up in front of a London bookstore to [pretend] to be anxious to be the first to buy Lionel’s dreadful book before the store ran out of copies. [He should be so lucky.] Sad really. What's also sad is that Trump himself is the one who pats himself on the back. Few public figures also do.

    In a Facebook post the day Trump announced he was running, Robert Reich, [no relation to you, David], former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, wrote that in 1984 Trump “stood in a dark topcoat on the casino floor at Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza, celebrating his new investment as the finest building in Atlantic City and possibly the nation. Several months ago the Trump Plaza folded and the Trump Taj Mahal filed for bankruptcy, leaving some 1,000 employees without jobs. Trump, meanwhile, was on twitter claiming he had ‘nothing to do with Atlantic City,’ and praising himself for his ‘ timing’ in getting out of the investment.”

    Phil Reisman

    David, thank you.

    Bambe Levine

    One of your best. And funniest. Bambe

    Rocco Sacci

    Trump as presidential candidate is great fodder for late night comedians' material. He also makes us a laughing-stock nation in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    Judy Trojan

    Where are Letterman and Leno when we need 'em?

    David Reich

    Thanks to Jeanne Byington for sending me this link...

    Mexican Artist Creates Donald Trump Piñata Following Anti-Immigration Presidential Campaign Announcement

    David Reich

    Today's headlines are providing another example of how Trump behaves and how he responds to criticism. Univision, as well as a former Miss USA winner who was to host the telecast, are bowing out of the broadcast of the Trump-owned beauty contest. They cite his ignorant and racist comments made in his presidential announcement speech,saying Mexicans are criminals and drug dealers and, oh yes, there may be some who are good people.

    So what does he do? He threatens to sue Univision and starts name-calling.

    Real classy and mature, the way we would want a world leader to behave.

    David Reich

    From Hollywood Reporter 6/29/15 2:15 p.m.

    NBC is cutting ties with Donald Trump.

    The network is "ending its business relationship" with Trump over his "recent derogatory statements" regarding immigrants, the company said in a statement Monday.

    "To that end, the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants, which are part of a joint venture between NBC and Trump, will no longer air on NBC," the statement continued. "In addition, as Mr. Trump has already indicated, he will not be participating in The Apprentice on NBC."

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