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    December 19, 2014


    Jeanne Byington


    I think the public has become numb--to greed, to being cheated, to having low expectations. I'm as much at fault as the rest.

    **The USPS told customers that if they didn't get their holiday cards in the mail by Friday, Dec. 19, they wouldn't arrive by Dec. 24, in time for Christmas. Six days? Please.

    **I went to a post office satellite [with no staff] to mail a package during the heart of Hanukkah and in mid Christmas season and when I put it on the scale, the screen announced, "We cannot dispense postage or stamps at this time." Did I complain? I didn't. But I think about how I can avoid paying almost 50 cents to send one card next year [which is a shame: I love the tradition. And yes, I've sent my share of e-cards, but while they can be beautiful, it isn't the same, especially if I want to share news with a Christmas pen pal.]

    **A friend paying tuition for a grad degree told me her professor spent the term in Italy--two weeks--and the rest in Florida. He met them once and when asked to share his industry experience, said he would later in the year. He never did. He prepared zero classes, directing students to the web and textbook. Did they complain? No.

    **I think it was in the 70s that the price of beef was on the moon. A significant percentage of the public bought none for a designated period of days or maybe a week so the impact could be felt and low and behold, down went the price.

    Business travel aside, the public should stop flying. Given the message, the industry might listen. If, like lemmings, we continue to accept the nonsense from the travel and many other industries, we will get what we're served, not what we've ordered.

    JDavid Reich

    Thanks for your thoughts on this, Jeanne.

    Your last idea suggesting the public simply stop flying just won't work, unfortunately. Air travel has become commonplace, and we're used to going across the country to visit family or to vacation. Driving long distances isn't a viable option for most of us, and despite currently "low" gas prices, it's still costly.

    We need the airlines and they know it, so they charge whatever they want and we grumble but we still keep flying and paying.

    Jan Vincent

    Liked your 2 cents on this and shared the blog post with my FB friends. :)

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