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    June 26, 2014



    Nice story David and beautifully written..bambe

    Jeanne Byington

    How many businesses need to fold before management realizes that syndication and economies of scale aren't always the answer? Unfortunately in the current business climate, in media as in so many other industries, only big can thrive as big gets necessary concessions to conduct profitable business.

    On weekends I listen to "the smallest NPR station in the nation," Robinhood Radio AM 1020 out of Sharon, Ct. which includes plenty of local programming. I hear and enjoy re-runs of interviews on Saturday morning. I love "The Way to Garden with Margaret Roach," and segments from the week's Breakfast Club regulars. The station also runs the syndicated shows such as "Car Talk," or "BBC World News," yet it maintains a balance with welcome local flavor.

    Local programming is important to some residents in big cities as well. Clear Channel owns WOR Radio 710 in NYC. A fairly new addition to the Clear Channel family, [the station had been privately owned and the owner died], the suits seem clueless as to how to capture the once loyal NY metro audience which I've come to realize they aren't interested in. Their goal: To attract youngsters to their station but I fear they are simply making a hash of it. Inserting news stories and repartee involving sex studies and punctuating talk with hip musical intros won't get kids to tune in. Folks interested to hear intelligent talk about local issues can no longer turn to that station.

    I am sorry you and others in Westchester are losing WFAS. You honored it with a lovely obituary.


    Nice blog David--
    Kind of reminds me of Jean Sheppard's radio show... Talking (writing) about; Real life. Real people. Real learning to be.... what you were meant to be!!

    Richard Bruse

    via LinkedIn ...

    "Thanks for sharing this, David. A longtime friend of mine worked in radio during college and then for another eight years after he graduated. Much of that work was in smaller Wisconsin communities. So much local flavor and personality has been lost."

    Shari Reich Rosenberg

    via Facebook ...

    Wonderful tribute, I'm sure he would have loved it...

    Brad Cupples

    Nice piece. I met Sonny when I started at WFAS in 1968, my first paid radio job. Plenty of nights sitting and chatting about radio. A mostly "mellow" guy who occasionally got irritated by something, but usually regained his mellow after a trip outside.
    I left a few months later for my first on-air job but returned and ran the news department in the second half of the 70's.

    David Reich

    Brad, thanks for commenting here. Nice to hear from someone else who knew Sonny.

    Are you still in broadcasting or news?


    Dom Aloisi

    I was a production engineer for WFAS AM/FM in the early 70's and worked with Sonny almost every night. He was a class act and a generous man who loved what he did and loved very deeply jazz music. Lots of times I would make a request and Sonny would dig out the album from his personal stock of albums locked up in the production studio. Sometimes I would have to fill in for the overnight DJ who followed Sonny's air shift and Sonny would promote me following him in the air chair. Radio has lost the "theater of the mind" concept along with deejays picking the music for their shift and playing the albums on turntables in the "spin studio". Building a bond with each and every listener is now long gone. Sonny is missed and as he used to say, "open your ears" and "hang in there, won't you?". Peace my friend.
    Dom Aloisi

    Bill Donovan

    Hi David, I just emailed you.... And Dom Aloisi nailed Sonny. He would do the "Hang in there! (pause) then he would snap his fingers, and then say "won't you!" actually a personal asking of the listener to keep listening.
    I worked for WFAS too, from 1966 (starting as a part time remote engineer) and one day, the engineer assigned to do the remote from the Home Show at the Westchester County Center, did not show up, so the Chief, Jack Pearson, said to me, in a calm soft voice,
    "Just turn up the red knob to about 3 o clock and point to Jay Manning...... and I was in radio, with a full time job. I was out in March 1969, but was hired back in late 1978 to help out when one of the guys took sick, and worked another year.
    I can't picture WFAS in the Bronx...... Thank you..... Bill

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