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    October 28, 2010


    C.B. Whittemore

    Oh, my, that's a lot of xtra TP usage! Thanks, David. You are wonderful to be exposing [!] us to such a revolution. Happy Bathroom Blogfest 2010!


    Don Kaufman

    David, unless you're representing Kimberly-Clark, I'm getting concerned about postings like these. But I'd be more concerned about the trend toward tubelessness. My dog loves to check on them. btw -- did you know that the toilet was invented by Thomas Krapper?

    ...via Plaxo


    I knew that the toilet was invented by Thomas Krapper, my dad used to discuss these matters over the dinner table, as did he revel in the thought that Elvis died on the toilet lol!


    Hey, why does loo roll always run out when you are desperate for the loo....or you turn around and realise there is none left. Plus why are certain toilet tissues loads more expensive than others.


    I find that my kids always want to make things with the expensive sort of toilet roll like andrex, if i put the cheap kind in the loo then they ignore it.... so it is value all the way for our family at the present time.


    It's a really strange think toilet paper, there are so many brands to choose from that picking it can be hard at times, and yet, why would you spend so much time choosing toilet paper when it's uses are very limited.

    bathroom vanities

    My guess it will also trim their material and production costs a bit. Let's see if the product is priced a bit lower.

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