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    August 27, 2010


    Jeanne Byington

    I am in the field, David, so I feel I can criticize it and unfortunately, there are enough of the over-promising, blah-blah braggarts around in both fields who ruin it for the others.

    All a company needs is to be burned once by the “I can do it better than anyone else as thus-and-such [that I know zero about] is my specialty and I can get your [ugly] $15 sneakers on the cover of Vogue” types in the field I’m in. And that nightmare story will be heard by a zillion others.

    Further: Is a company with a fabulous PR or advert team going to boast about it for fear of helping out the competition?

    Rich Becker

    Hey David,

    As Jeanne pointed out, it's sometimes hard to tell the influencers from the narcissists.

    The short answer is that you can have people represent you. Companies can even have team accounts represent them (as long as there is some indication of who consumers are talking to).

    Oh, there two additional pieces of information that can be considered. 1. People lie. They always say they don't trust ads and then buy stuff based on ads. 2. Advertising people wear agenda on their sleeves. The goal is to get you to buy something. Hopefully, a good something.


    David Reich

    Jeanne, yes, there are plenty of the blah-blah braggarts and b.s.-ers in both the ad and p.r. businesses, and liars, too, Rich. And too many with questionable (or no) ethics.

    But there are also many who act professionally and try to do a good and honest job. Those are the kind of people and the type of work we must focus on, even if they may seem boring and poor fodder for reality shows and TV series.

    Btw, thanks for the comment Rich. I think this is the first comment I've had from you. Hope to hear from you more.

    Jeff Domansky

    David, I don't share any angst, nor do I completely trust these "pop" polls. Why pander to the lowest common denominator when we can have Mad Men and The Spin Crowd on E! do that for us? It's entertainment and I give the public credit for knowing the difference. Um don't they?

    David Reich

    Thanks for the comment Jeff.

    The unfortunate reality, as my friend Rocco Sacci pointed out in an email, is there are plenty of people in our professions who still do behave badly. I've seen some myself. Many seem to be in the entertainment, beauty and fashion fields, although some can be found in just about any specialty. And they are the ones who get parodied or shown on The Spin Crowd or the Kelly show, rather than most of us who do our work professionally and without hystrionics. But the pros don't make for good TV.

    Peter L Rothholz

    David -

    I think a part of the problem is nomenclature. "Public Relations" covers a multitude of activities but, in the eyes of the public and even of many business people, it boils down to press agentry, gimmickry and stunts. Only a relatively few understand that good p.r. involves problem solving, analysis, creativity and sound communications and that its practitioners often hold graduate degrees in marketing, economics, etc.

    Just as people understand that even though they are all labeled "health care providers" there's a vast difference between "hands-on healers" , psychotherapists and neurosurgeons, we must help the public understand that not all "p.r.people" are mere shallow "flacks."

    David Reich

    Yes, I agree Peter. And shame on those of us in this industry for having done such a poor job of letting the public know what we really do and that it is, in fact, much more than puffery and gimmicks.

    Where has PRSA been?

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