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    June 23, 2009


    Jeanne Byington

    I remember the huge Kodak image in Grand Central Station. If it was particularly great, I would call my Dad who would make a point of going to see it as well.

    I love taking photos, however one of my most vivid memories was of a missed photo because when I grabbed my camera, it was out of film. I was in the Cotswolds, in England, early on a foggy morning. Out of the fog came a stunningly beautiful woman on a horse and next to her, an equally breathtaking child on a smaller horse. I've often thought that if I'd snapped that shot, it would be tucked away in a box or in an album and I'd have forgotten the image.

    David Reich

    Yes, Jeanne, the giant Kodak Diorama in Grand Central was fun.

    With old-fashioned film cameras, we sometimes tended to be stingy with photos since film and developing cost so much. Now, with digital, if you don't like a shot, you just trash it. But I've missed some good shots with my digital camera because there's that delay after you press the button, while the camera focuses and sets itself. And I miss the good old click of the shutter and the act of winding the camera to the next shot.

    Oh well. Progress.

    Jeanne Byington

    No doubt that the quality suffers with digital--at least with the less expensive digital camera I have. I take animal photos. Red eye is an issue I rarely had with film and it rages with digital.

    However, I love knowing whether I've caught a good image before family and friends leave a celebration or special event or gathering. As always, progress can bring the good and not so.

    David Reich

    Jeanne, you're right about progress and good and bad. Like Twitter, for example. Many people seem to have a love/hate relationship with it. ... But I digress.

    Jeanne Byington

    I'll say! Though I predict that apart from the i.d. photos you see on Twitter, soon the network will figure out how to include other images.

    And speaking of photos and Twitter, everything I've read or heard advises people to use their headshot for maximum credibility and impact.

    Hank Goldman   Goldman Advertising

    Yes, we have taken our parent's place, and this ending of the "Kodachrome era" is just one more example!
    Incidentally, David, if you need a few Kodak Carousel projector bulbs, let me know! We "Boomers" obsessive/compulsive types stocked up on them!

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