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    December 02, 2008


    Ryan Sauers

    Nice blog post here. I am now blogging as well. It began as a way to share ideas that I wanted to express. Overall blogging has grown in popularity but many people do not do it regularly and also do not bring a lot of really good ideas to their posts. This one here was very appealing to me and I am going to use it as a trackback on my blog post tomorrow. Well done.

    Ryan Sauers
    Sauers Communications

    David Reich

    Thanks for the kind comments, Ryan. Good luck and have fun as you get into blogging.

    Alan Hirsch

    David, you should accept ads. Ff the Wall Street Journal and the mighty New York Times can, why not you?

    I trust you more than the WSJ or the NYT for sure, so why not accept ads if you have a chance to do that. If I see an ad on your blog I won't think any less of you, however I would think more of you if the ad were legit. Just keep the "enhance your love life" and the "5 ways to beat the IRS" ads out.

    You shouldn't be ashamed of creating income for yourself. As far as I know, only Ford and GM are ashamed of producing income, so they are happy paying their workers 4x more than what is paid to workers at Honda and Toyota. Ford and GM even pay their workers who don't work, because the union got the companies to give in to their requests. Why should you deprive yourself of generating income just because Ford and GM show losses every year.

    If one of your readers thinks you can be bought for a $100 ad, then you don't need that reader.

    Cam Beck

    David - I like your perspective. Part of building credibility is adding value to others. If selling ad space can be done in a way that accomplishes that, I will consider it, too.

    I must keep in mind, though, my own thoughts on online advertising, that in order for it to be effective, it must be personal, expected, and relevant.

    The closest I've been able to come is the search utility I use, Lijit, but I don't collect a dime for it... just the right to use the utility (which is a useful boon to me and my readers, IMO).

    David Reich

    Interesting, Cam. I've been meaning to check out Lijit, but just haven't gotten around to it.


    There are different ways to monetize blogs. I've never had a problem with bloggers monetizing their blogs (even said it here in a comment last year). It's the MIXING of promotional and content that gets funny. You know this, you're in PR. If we mixed editorial with ads then editorial would no longer be credible... which hurts the industry. That’s why papers have clearly stated “advertorial” sections. Some of that content works, much of it readers ignore.

    But bloggers are not journalists. They are opinionistas (or passionistas). They do, however, build trust with their audience (that's the credibility deal). When they're transparent about reviewing a product = cool. When they feature ads apart from content = cool. And when they mix free stuff in a non-transparent way OR start talking products that they would never talk otherwise = not cool.

    The camera deal of '07 was odd since, all of a sudden, marketing folks--who were not shutterbugs--started talking cameras. It was blatant product pimping, and odd. And it was the first program of its kind in the marketing community so it was precedent-setting, hence all the convos on it. As I’ve said a zillion times (really, a zillion! ;-), blogger-outreach programs like what the SciFi Channel did where they actually targeted engaged bloggers (or like CNN did with engaging consumers in their political debates) were great examples of adding value to the blogger as well as readers/viewers.

    Now, as for ads on our blogs, it's a personal choice. David, you and me have consulting practices so in getting more exposure through our blogs is a way we monetize our blogs. But, for me, and I say this A LOT at my blog and over at Twitter, the way that I monetize social media is through all the smarts that people so graciously share with me. I use that knowledge to improve my work--and I hope they do the same with the smarts I share with them. Does that equate to dollars? Yup. It keeps me relevant and top of my profession…which means clients want to work with me. Same for you, you’re darn good at what you do and you also well understand the technologies available to them in this oh-so-2.0 world, and how they can best wield them to meet their objectives. (So maybe my bugging you to blog was actually a good thing.)

    That said, other bloggers rely solely on ads for revenue from their blogs and don’t have their own businesses (like a lot of mommy bloggers or celebrity news blogs, for instance). I’m seeing many blogs with tastefully done ads. And I’m seeing many that have so many ads flashing that it degrades the experience. So it’s case specific.

    Blog on,
    - CK


    Am i dreaming? A place for me to rant and rave. And the only info. I have to divulge.Is my e-mail. Heck sign me up!

    Lewis Green


    I fall into CK's camp believing there is no problem with advertising on blogs but to date I haven't chosen to run any, execpt in the usual ways we all do, including CK. If you visit my blog, I have an ad for my most recent book, and I sometimes write about client successes, and the About Me is about me and my business. So while I haven't to date accepted paid advertising, I would consider it if it was complementary and a good fit.

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