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    August 21, 2008


    Lewis Green

    Ahh, what? Hello! Dial-up remains necessary but is there a profit in offering it? If I were God at Eathlink, a company with whom I once subscribed, I would give dial-up away and sell different levels of power boosters. Once a person sees the difference, they become a candidate for dsl, cable, fiber optics and other speedy connections. It's all about the speed.

    David Reich

    Give it away as a portal to other Earthlink products.... what a great idea, Lewis. But I suspect Earthlink is looking for quick bucks from whatever dial-up subscribers they can buy and hang onto for as long as possible.


    How does earthlink even believe this can save them with their own company losing customers on a even grander scale than AOL has. Google earthlink complaints and they are over the top with even Attorney Generals from several states leveling fraud allegations at them. Earthlink really believes they can woo people with the fraud they have been doing, I doubt it since now days more and more people are reviewing before buying. Earthlink hasn't a chance considering their attitude towards their customers now is pretty much an I don't care one. It's a sinking ship and the only ones that don't know it is them and that doesn't speak well of the earthlink braintrust.

    David Reich

    Tiger, I don't have a problem with Earthlink and their customer service. maybe I've been lucky, but I've found them to be pretty good when you call with a problem.

    I just don't understand why they want to spend money to buy a service that's dying out.


    Well you should maybe google earthlink customer complaints so you can read it for yourself. I just left them for Road Runner given I was being accused of not paying a bill with them that was $41.00 for shipping and handling of brochure packets and they sent this alleged bill to collections, then said they didn't do that. Google the complaints you find a whole list of people leaving earthlink for the same reason. Earthlink will not stay a float because their chasing their customers off, this year alone the Atlanta better business bureau has over 800 complaints of fraud. So much so the Attorney Generals office of Georgia filed a lawsuit against them for fraud and forced them to pay back their victimized customers. The complaints are real and people are speaking out so if earthlinks so great why all the complaints and why are the customers leaving. There obviously not the best and the brightest considering they are trying to screw me over for a fraudelent $41.00 when I was paying them over $500.00 a year for their broadband service, money Time Warner now gets. I don't call that being in business with great customer service I call that going out of business because stupid seems to be the action of choice for earthlink.


    But the reason David is simple their losing so many customers they think they can buy a new customer base up with the AOL purchase. A purchase they don't even have the money for and with more and more customers leaving their Broadband, and DSL services in disgust no bank going to lend them the money. The only reason Earthlink is still a float is becuase they layed off half their work force. Instead of stopping the crap, apoligizing to their victims, and fixing what they did to them they prefer to buy a whole new customer base.


    Then we come to why buy AOL for a whole new customer base when your not trying or even caring about your present customers. In 2006 earthlink lost over 1 million customers, In 2007 they were expecting to lose 700,000, talk about someone who really doesn't care. Buying AOL for their customer base while screwing over your current customers seems to leave them with the same attitude just with a deeper hole dug. Like I said they gladly lost over $5oo.oo dollars to try and screw me out of $41.00, that makes no sense. The dumbest thing you can say to a customer is "well thats your choice" and thats what they told me when I left them. If your trying to keep a customer the last thing you want to say is So what if you leave, because thats what "thats your choice means". Their just digging a hole deeper and deeper, wait and see in 2009 earthlink will be no more.

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