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    April 06, 2008


    Arun Rajagopal

    Hello David: It was so exciting to meet you. And what made the steak and eggs so special was the fact that I'd had them with you and a lot of amazing people I finally got to meet.
    You're such an amazing, warm and genial person (with a hairdo that I look up to, after Luc's). I can't wait to meet you again. Wow... Arun

    Valeria Maltoni

    It was good seeing you again, David. And yes, blogging is an investment of time ;-) It had been too long. Maybe in my next job I will have a chance to spend more time in NYC regularly. 'Til next.

    Geoff Livingston

    Those are great things to say about a lot of people, David. I was really impressed with the quality of the crowd. Good folks, and I'd love to do another of these soon.

    Tara Anderson

    It was fantastic meeting you David. I learned that you have a great head of hair, are wonderfully generous and can't recognize me without my glasses. Thanks for the conversation and I look forward to continuing it.

    Ann Handley

    Missed you all Sat., too! (Esp. after I heard about karaoke... that was PAINFUL..!) Had to scurry back to Boston to prepare for a week in CA (leaving today). Friday night flew by... definitely look forward to BS09.

    Chris Kieff


    What an excellent way to remember the weekend! Thanks for so graciously accepting my cookie!


    Lewis Green


    You are a great friend and I love you (in a manly way).

    Steve Woodruff

    David, it was great seeing you again, and interacting with so many great people. No, not a waste of time at all!

    Ryan Karpeles

    I can't thank you enough David. Had an amazing time getting to know you and everyone else. Definitely looking forward to the next one ;-)

    Nathan Snell

    A awesome synopsis :)

    Thanks again, David, for extending your hospitality. It was a blast getting to know you and everyone else.

    I learned David has an insane knowledge of NYC ;)


    So wonderful to finally meet you in person, David. Now I will definitely never mistake you for any other Reich :) I think I might copy this "what I learned this weekend" idea of yours on my blog. Maybe turn it into a blogger social meme?
    Talk to you soon,
    P.S. I think the shiny blue dress might go into storage until next year's social...

    Mack Collier

    David the only thing that wasn't perfect about Blogger Social was that it had to end. There was just too many great people and not enough time to spend with everyone. BTW loved your playing tour guide on the cruise on Sat!

    David Reich

    Wow -- all the comments. I'll respond here bit by bit, and also in some cases by email.

    I still can't get over what a great time this was and how so many wonderful people came together and clicked instantly. Like Mack said, the only bad thing about Social is that it had to end.

    Ryan B's idea of making "what I learned" into a meme sounds like fun, so let's watch for it/ (Now why didn't I think of that?)


    Gavin Heaton

    I had such a blast, David. It was great to finally meet you!

    Bob Glaza

    I wasn't even there (other than spirit) and still smiling - You run with a great bunch of maniacs, David!

    David Reich

    Bob, you were missed.

    Drew McLellan


    I couldn't agree with you much laughter, so many memories and so many fantastic people. Thanks David for all you did to make the weekend so special for so many people.

    Next time I am in the city -- we are going to go to a diner and I'm going to actually have time to eat! :)



    I learned that David Reich is one of the kindest and sweetest guys I've ever met. But I already knew that one ;-)

    Linda Sherman

    David, I'm sorry that we didn't get to talk further. What a whirlwind Blogger Social was! But as everyone has pointed out, you a very huggable sweetheart of a guy. I look forward to staying in touch. More Hugs.

    David Reich

    Drew: You didn't have time to eat? Why, what else did you have to do? :-)

    Toby and Linda: I'm blushing. Hugs back at you.


    David, it was great meeting you as well! My husband had a great time and I wished there was more time to chat with everyone.

    Open door to anyone coming out to San Francisco in the next few weeks. Drop me an email. Who knows - informal social on the West coast for those coming to Ad:Tech? Let me know and I can find a place for everyone :)

    David Reich

    CeCe, I won't be out that way for AdTech, but my wife and I try to get to San Francisco for a long weekend every 2 - 3 years. Last time was 1-1/2 years ago, so we're due -- probably next Feb.

    Heather Gorringe

    Nice to meet you David, whilst I enjoyed Staten Island landfill I believe the trip around The Statue of Liberty was just as much fun! Great blogger social - thanks to CK and Drew and team

    Mario Vellandi

    Those bagels were awesome, Loki was so sweet, I loved your breakfast table and the look outside, and of course your gracious hospitality. I only wish I had been awake (or around?) for taking Loki for a walk and being in the picture.

    Neil Vineberg

    David, it was great to meet you and spend time reviewing our points of intersection on life's PR road. Lets stay in touch! - cheers

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