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    August 10, 2017


    Rhea DeBlasio

    Scary and disgusting can we protest and protect ourselves?...... other than not watching their broadcasts?

    Jeanne Byington


    I agree but I also feel that local or network, the media let us down by promoting DT over all other candidates which gave him the legitimacy he doesn't deserve and now it is a little too late. I had the feeling that management put pressure on producers and newscasters to give him a consistent platform. Who can blame people for wanting to keep their jobs? But they sold out.

    Will local news directors refuse to post the fake news? No more likely than in the earlier scenario.

    I wonder if the media will treat this threat as a physical therapist does a backache: strengthen the muscles around the weak part i.e. make newspapers and bloggers and websites and even radio news become the loudest voices drowning out the fake.

    And speaking of backs, if the Congress would display a bit of backbone as so many of the Republican strategists are doing by describing down to every wrinkle the elephant in the room, it would help.

    It's a question of who can yell loudest. Scary.

    David Reich

    Rhea, I'm not sure. Maybe if people protest to advertisers of newscasts on those stations and say why, the advertisers might pull back their ads. If it hits them in their pocket, maybe the Sinclair owners will stop. But it's a tough one. Just what we need now -- more FOX, in disguise.

    David Reich

    @ Jeanne -- The local station managers at the Sinclair-owned stations have been ordered to air those faux news segments. If they want to keep their jobs, they'll have to do as ordered. It's not a news judgement decision.

    Jeanne Byington


    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...which is why we have 45 to begin with.

    Your suggestion to Rhea is spot-on. If enough advertisers are told, by viewers, that they are moving elsewhere for news--and they do so--that is most effective. Organizations like must make it easy for people to communicate with advertisers by publicizing email addresses etc. Watchdog sites will keep track of the fake news and promote it.

    What I can't figure out is why a smart business gets into this faux news game in the first place and why it puts its money behind people for whom truth is an irritating detail. If Robert Mueller pulls juicy tidbits out of his hat that will help.

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