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    February 07, 2017


    Steve Miller

    Right ON point. What we have sen so far is going to be the normal in this administration. Slowly but surely, the world will turn away form the United States UNLESS THINGS CHANGE IMMEDIATELY.

    I doubt that the appeals court will reject the presidents ban, but they seem to be seriously questioning the extent and real intent of the order. Maybe this will wake Donald up, the demonstrations around the world hasn't opened his eyes and I doubt the court appeals will change him.

    Judith Trojan

    My fear is that Trump will wear us out...I think he and his advisors are counting on that. Despite all of the marching, Tweeting, blogging, Facebooking and contacting our Congressmen and women, all of Trump's cabinet picks have been confirmed and he continues to marshall on...generating lies that are unsettling the country's sense of well being and our allies abroad. Trump has a severe personality disorder and lacks basic knowledge and respect for the role he was elected to play. He is surrounded by opportunists and dangerously stupid people. I'm sure his list of terror "attacks" was a direct result of Ms. Conway's stupid pronouncement on air about her so-called "Bowling Green Massacre." Trump's list did the trick. It stopped the commentaries about "Bowling Green" and added a sickening dose of remembrance and fear to our morning coffee. His narcissism makes it impossible for him to see the ramifications of his remarks and pronouncements from the White House. His lies are shocking and yet his supporters don't seem upset by them. I've been in the company of several Trump supporters in the past few days and this is the only thing that makes them angry: that "illegals" are getting jobs and a free ride while they, as citizens, pay taxes and pay for healthcare, etc. Just to put this in context, all of these people are living more than comfortably in retirement...have great health insurance as retired teachers, government workers, etc. They are upset about the marching and picketing and have a lot to say about those who do. They want the "wall." They don't want illegals working at their ski resorts. They avoid local Panera Bread cafes because there are "too many African-Americans." This is Trump's America. And if we back down, exhausted and resigned to the fact that our objections and our fact-checks that counter his insane policies and lies and cabinet picks are impossible to change as Trump and Bannon et al hope we will...we are doomed. I applaud your continuing coverage!

    Jeanne Byington

    Trump is counting on the lessons of advertising: Repeat something often enough and people will believe....that cigarette smoking won't hurt you; that a fashion that is ugly as a smooshed apple is the thing to own and in his case most recently, that there have been more murders now than ever before. Lesson: YOU SHOULD BE SCARED AND I WILL FIX THINGS.

    As for the terrorist-lack-of-media-coverage complaint, I had to laugh. Americans traditionally have cared little about what happens abroad. There are not that many popular news sources that carry such info for that reason and I don't see Mr. TV-watcher soaking up what's on the BBC or reading the few pages in the NY Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal devoted to such news. So his alleged concern that media doesn't cover attacks in little known parts of the world ranges from sad to pathetic really, in this case, false empathy.

    I, too, appreciate that FINALLY the media is stepping up to the plate. Too little too late is my fear. My hope is for signs that public opinion about DJT changes dramatically. I'd like his approval rating to move to 15 percent. I'll give him that hardcore group and still be able to sleep soundly at night. When this happens I predict that Congress will feel safe to oppose his executive orders and do their job: To keep an eye on him and curb his enthusiasm.

    David Reich

    I think the more he lies, the less people will believe him. This will eventually impact many who voted for him except, perhaps, his hard-core supporters. His lies will also impact foreign relations, where other leaders will not trust whst he says.

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