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    January 31, 2017


    Jeanne Byington


    I can't get over the irony that if it weren't for the press taking DJT seriously, he'd never be where he now is. He's not even grateful.

    Meanwhile, DJT-basher George Will's contract won't be renewed at Fox. He resigned from the Republican Party when DJT was nominated. Who knows if his anti DJT positions were the inspiration for his firing.

    I think that the leadership that dislikes the approach of this administration--as much as the steps it has already taken--needs to clarify its thoughts before writers can help simplify concepts and reasons for all to understand. I am impressed by how articulate and succinct many of the front-line media--traditional, mainstream, whatever you want to call them--are when handed a mic. The Democrats need a leader. Right now there are too many voices, including actors and celebrities.

    And with all the distraction, DJT is having a wonderful time finally making money by increasing the rates of his hotel rooms and golf club memberships for those who want to curry favor. It's one of the oldest tricks around used by magicians for centuries! Look at my left hand while my right hand is in the cookie jar.

    Rocco Sacci

    Thanks. Amazing how brilliant I am when someone else polishes up my words. You're right on with your blog. Hope it gets good feedback.

    Interestingly how there is no word from PRSA about all this or even any other professional media organization, unless I've missed it. Where are the Jack O'Dwyer's, et al.

    I'd also like to think the media would be best described as "the media" without any preceding qualifier.

    Steve Bannon is scariest of them all and his increasing positions of influence. We now have an oligarchical theocracy under Trump.

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