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    January 24, 2017


    Jeanne Byington


    I once had a client like DJT. I finally woke up when a friend said, "He doesn't want your counsel." OK, nobody snaps to attention simply because I suggest a strategy to them, but this person wanted me to do things that were inappropriate, and that's for starters. I resigned the account.

    The advice you suggest is sound, but the President won't listen to you or to anyone. He has conducted his business without concern for credibility as there has always been someone new to bully, cheat or stiff. He's not going to change what he considers a "winning strategy."

    I've thought before that he was spinning out of control but with the pace of life in the White House, trying to keep up with every negative remark or observation while keeping one foot in his business, I predict he may end in a heap. It will not be a pretty thing to watch.

    David Reich

    @ Jeanne --

    You are probably right about him not listening to anyone. If he ends up in a heap, let's just hope he doesn't take the country down with him.

    Judy Arpadi

    via Facebook ...

    Excellent, David, well said. This is without a doubt some of the best advice I have read on the matter. However, his supporters believed his lies during the campaign and he was rewarded. They continue to believe whatever b.s. he and his staff throw out so it seems not to matter tot them. He is who he is, I don't think he understands the difference between truthfulness and falsehoods His staff blindly follow and support his fantasies. I wish I were more optimistic but there is little evidence of anything good coming out of this disaster.

    Sherry Goldman

    via Facebook ...

    Great column, David. Good advice, but we know, of course, that he will not listen nor take this counsel.

    Hank Goldman

    via Facebook ...




    Your argument for credibility and the points you make are all credible, well taken and valid, but they assume a conventional, rational world. Trump is different and thinks differently. Credibility is not important to him, power and control are.

    Given radical technological, demographic and cultural changes of the past half century and our political system’s failure to cope, many of us yearn passionately to return to the “good old days” when we remember being far much better off than we are now. We are prime bait for cultivation by a Hitler-like messianic marketer like Trump.

    I grew up in Fascist Italy, and had, before 1938, a German nurse. I remember her. She was a lovely, kind, God-fearing woman. That year she shook hands with Hitler, became an impassioned follower and my parents had to let her go. (She went back to Germany, married and had a child. Her husband was killed on the Eastern Front, and after 1945, she worked for the American occupation forces for many years.)

    As long as Trump dominates the news and controls the people working for him, he seems to think he’ll be all right. Eventually, things will go very wrong, and he’ll be overthrown, perhaps, God-forbid, by force. The danger is that the longer it takes, the longer we are without a coherent government. Unfortunately, if it takes too long, the Humpty Dumpty syndrome takes over.

    David Reich

    HB, thanks for the great input. I think the American people (blue and red alike) will stand for only so much and then he'll be pushed out. Let's just hope it doesn't take too long so we and the world don't have to suffer the results of no coherent government in the U.S.

    Who would have thought?

    Roz Reich

    If he were adult enough this would be great advice--but he does what HE wants, when HE wants. But for any normal, competent adult, this is great advice.

    Adam Sohmer

    via Facebook ...

    Great piece, but I don't get the impression that credibility is of great concern. Same for integrity.

    Rhea DeBlasio

    via Facebook ...

    On the money.

    Thomas J. O'Rourke‎

    via Facebook ...

    Hi David, I have been reading some of your wonderful comments on our new President. The situation has been troubling me for a while. I finally realized how this happened.

    Remember when you brought me to CBS-TV for an interview about how to handle a job interview. The first and most important item was RESEARCH THE COMPANY AND THE JOB. Well Mr. T was only seeking the JOB. He did not research the company, as in learn the Constitution. He did not research the job, as in what do you have to do on the job.

    He was so singularly focused on GETTING the job that he did not concern himself with what he has to do once on the job. I think about Mohammad Ali who kept saying "I am the Greatest". When he said that he did not stop working out in the Ring. He kept at it, so when he met a opponent, he beat him, not because he said he was the greatest but because he worked at being the greatest.

    Our misguided President has done nothing to show he understands his responsibility to learn the job. The Press should no longer give him a break and pressure him when he announces another "ALTERNATIVE FACT". It is important that he be taken to task for the actions he takes that carry serious problems. Today is a prime example, as people have been removed from flights because they are from a country he doesn't like.

    Keep up your effort.

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