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    November 01, 2016


    Shari Reich Rosenberg

    via Facebook ...

    Just having this discussion early this morning in the gym. There is no civility or ability to discuss without getting into personal insults. It is a Reality TV show gone insane.

    I think we need to dispense Valium and Xanax to get through the remainder of this debacle.

    Carol Eisenberg

    via Facebook ...

    Just to let you know, it was a pleasure reading your commentary. Would be nice to have some more clear thinkers where this country needs it, everywhere!

    Cam Beck

    I am sorry that anyone subjected you to personal insults as a means of delivering a "rebuttal." People can be disappointing, but that is often the result of higher expectations you have for people in general, and better examples that you provide. They both actually do you much credit. I fear becoming a cynic.

    I echo your call to build bridges. I do not have much hope for it coming from political candidates, though. In fact, given what we've seen so far (and we saw an example of it in Bush v Gore), the minority party rabble-rousers will likely seek their own advancement by getting attention exacerbating the wedge that already exists, playing into the worst fears of the "losing" side that they've been had.

    "They hate women! That's why they didn't vote for one!" or...
    "They don't listen to us! Which is why they rigged the system so our voices wouldn't be heard!"

    See how it works? Every unfavorable outcome has an explanation that confirms the worst about their opponents.

    Not one of the professional muckrakers cares for you, personally, as much as your neighbors do (including virtual ones from afar). In other words, if bridges are to be built, it must be because the people stepped out of the shadows of the candidates and stopped asking the candidates to lead them in areas they were never equipped or incentivized to lead.

    David Reich

    @Cam... Thanks for your thoughts on this. You may be right -- expecting politicians to fix this might beyond their scope of interests or abilities.

    Bambe Levine

    If Hillary wins, which I pray she does, I fear there will be rioting in the streets, distruction of property, and sign of a near civil war. Trump has nurtured and created an enviornment of such hate and distrust that people are drunk with energy looking for targets to unleash these base feelings. Nothing good will come of this other than more fear and distrust. I admit to being fearful of both outcome.

    David Reich

    Bambe, I hope you are right about Hillary winning and wrong about Trump's supporters. He has riled many of them up with his hateful and violent rhetoric. It's less about his platform, however vague and fluid it may be, than about the hatred and conspiracy theories.

    Bob Iannucci

    via Facebook ...

    The interesting thing David is that we will all live through this election as we did all the ones in the past. The only problem with this one is that we have a candidate who is so totally unqualified to lead this country that our worry focus should start in January should he be elected. Pity the poor, the middle class, immigrants who in the past have made this country great and basically anyone who is trying to make a better life for themselves. And, as we all know, the 1% will get theirs too...actually they'll get everything!
    Time to move to Italy...

    David Reich

    @ Bob ...

    I like Vancouver.

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