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    November 10, 2016


    Jeanne Byington


    The winner has given ethics short shrift in his business dealings. He bullied his way to financial victory. It will be difficult for him to change his ways. Meanwhile, many will focus a magnifying glass on his every move. He may become the poster boy for "be careful what you wish for...."

    I hope and pray that balance of power--there are some reputable Republicans in House and Senate--will prevent him from trashing the generous American spirit of sharing our treasure and good fortune with the less fortunate and ruining the beauty and health of the country by disrespecting our air and water to save money for oil and gas interests and the like.

    We'd all be thrilled if he brought back manufacturing to this country and if he directed his children to keep American workers in mind as they run his businesses and order goods. Maybe he'll even suggest that they pay their vendors and consultants.

    Cam Beck

    Based on what he wrote in "The Art of the Deal," my guess is that generating controversy was a strategic decision to get free unpaid media. To those, like me, who have long maintained that all publicity is not good publicity, I have to consider how to parse "good publicity" from "effective publicity toward a desired end in a Jerry Springer age."

    Also, we have to consider that much of his life was spent supporting candidates like Hillary Clinton, and not spewing a caricature of what is being passed off (inaccurately) in the media as "conservative rhetoric." While I do think his next USSC pick will lean more conservative, I don't think future appointments are a lock, especially if he feels the need to confront the GOP about... anything... literally anything. I don't even think he was serious about a wall. First, it won't solve the problem he says he wants to solve, and second, it will be more expensive than we can afford -- and Mexico isn't going to pay for it.

    So, for someone who desires more progressive policies, Trump probably is naturally closer to you than me in that area, assuming he is moored by any cohesive governing philosophy at all (which is not a given). However, even if you believe the best stories about his character and behavior regarding things that matter to both of us -- marital fidelity, respect for women, etc, it is still a tough pill to swallow. The worst stories would be disqualifying, but they would have been for Clinton as well. This is just the reality we have to deal with now.

    I heard on the radio this morning from a liberal dude that wrote to a more libertarian dude about the difference between him and a Trump supporter. I thought it was insightful. He said to the trump supporter, "I took Trump literally, but not seriously. You took Trump seriously, but not literally." There is much that he has said that cannot be taken literally (especially for all the times he contradicted himself). And much of it is just a starting position for negotiation -- something he claims to be good at. We'll see.

    As should be the case regardless of who is elected, we can and should support the policies that are good, and oppose those that are bad, and work like the dickens to ensure the Congress is empowered with the wherewithal to hold the executive in check when he goes beyond his appointed duties.

    I'm with you, friend. We'll figure it out.

    Shari Reich Rosenberg

    via Facebook ...

    Really beautifully written. I agree on almost all you expressed, but in all honesty, I will never "see" him as my president. His words will forever be etched into my brain. I pray for our country to find true leaders to guide us and help us feel secure, safe and respected. πŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™πŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™

    Roberta Rosenberg

    via Facebook ...

    Respect the office, loathe the man.

    Phyllis Fox

    via Facebook ...

    One word...devastated.

    Sheri Robbins

    You are much more of an optimist than I am. Hope you turn out to be right.

    Sherry Goldman

    Well said, David. And, you seemed to capture what I feel in my heart and mind, too. My comfort is that we are all 'in this' together and I know that together we can survive whatever gets thrown at us.

    David Reich

    Thanks for all the comments above. Yes, we are all in this together and we must try to get past the hate that was spread throughout the campaign, much of it spread by our president-to-be. Hopefully, that wasn't coming from his heart but rather from the heat of the campaign. It will be very hard to forget many of the things he said and tweeted, but we have to move on. As Roberta said up above, Respect the office, even if we loathe the man. Hopefully, he'll work hard to earn some of our respect for him as a person... we'll see.

    Judith Trojan

    Thank you, David. I'm with you.

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