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    October 10, 2016


    Jeanne Byington

    The operative words are "that's it" as in "that's it for us" if Trump wins.

    As important and of great concern to me: what can be done to educate the public that thinks his approach is more than OK--it's great and the way to behave. I'm not addressing a single political issue [does he really have any?] with which I may disagree. It's the mean-spirited, ugly, below the belt [literally] way he fights his opponents. Horrifying really.

    David Reich

    Yes, Jeanne. Issues aside, Trump has single-handedly brought this nation to a new national low. He has made it acceptable for many to name-call and use nasty, hateful language in public discourse. Very sad.

    Jeanne Byington

    Hope that the toothpaste gets back in the tube quickly. Public discourse drips to private in a flash. The bully model is not one we should condone and reward but too many do. May they get their satisfaction from reality TV and sports such as football and hockey and leave the rest of us alone.

    Steve Miler

    All anyone has to do is a little fact checking of our own to see that, the first and last word that comes out of Trumps mouth is nothing but a LIE. My die hard Trump follower friends are either so lazy or just don't care and won't even take the time to find out the truth. One thing I do know, 100% of Trump followers are part of the "Nation of Sheep", that I certainly don't want to belong to!

    Judith Trojan

    Has anyone noticed that by deliberately inviting and seating Bill's paramours in the front row during the debate, that Trump clearly proved his proclivity as an abuser of women, which, of course, he denied during the debate. He's not only using the paramours for his own ends (interesting, however, that they agreed to participate...$$$???); but cruelly attempting to undermine Hillary publicly by throwing Bill's indiscretions in her face AGAIN...It wasn't bad enough that she was hurt and humiliated the first time around...Trump repeated the humiliation and hurt of Bill's treachery when she was finally running on her own record for the highest office in the land. You're right, re: #1 and #2 above. I'll add #3: Hillary is incredibly resilient and has nerves of steel. A perfect fit for the job.

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