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    September 14, 2016


    Jeanne Byington


    Newspaper execs are following in the footsteps of bankers I guess. Carrie Tolstedt, the Wells Fargo executive in charge of the division accused of massive fraud is leaving with a $125 million bonus.

    The shrinking local news scene has a terrible impact on a community. The Poughkeepsie Journal--not a Gannett paper--did not replace its business editor when he retired last summer. Look at the masthead and there are two reporters who mention business as their responsibility. One writes she covers "education, crime, politics, finance & more," and the other, "mainly covering business, economy, economic development, jobs, IBM, real estate, Stewart International Airport." Try to get an ear for a story unrelated to scandal and the over-worked, over-stretched staff can't/doesn't get back.

    The loss is to readers and local businesses alike. It's chicken and egg. How much can a person read? If you're not going to learn about local news why bother to subscribe to a local paper which causes more editorial cutbacks? What a sad story.

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