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    June 02, 2016


    Jan Vincent

    via Facebook ...

    Well-written, David

    Jeanne Byington


    There are many things I don't understand about this candidate:

    1) Why the media has been so easy on him until now. He doesn't answer their question? OK, on to the next one. If anyone saw Tim Russert eviscerate Howard Dean on Meet the Press, you'll remember an example of the role media has played in testing the depth of potential candidates to an office as important as President. Oddly enough, the only person who seems to consistently serve such a purpose is Chris Wallace on Fox! Slip out of a question? He'll ask it again. I hope that the media keeps it up in spite of name-calling and other ridiculous behavior. About time.

    2) How, with all you describe here and in a previous post-- you'd have to write a post the size of a summer copy of the New Yorker to get it all in--he has bamboozled so many citizens into thinking he's the cat's pajamas, capable of doing more than horsing around on stage.

    I harbor one hope based on a story my dad told me about a fellow soldier when he was in basic training. The guy was a bully. One day, the squadron was lined up to receive an injection and when it came his turn, the bully fell over in a dead faint. That was the end of his career threatening and pushing others around. May this candidate's weak spot be found, and fast, and may we see him in at least a virtual faint, tweeting off the political stage as quickly as he entered it.

    David Reich

    @Jeanne ...

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