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    November 08, 2012


    Jeanne Byington


    I don't like to witness a person circling the drain but this man's behavior has become increasingly wacky. I suppose his antics impress some who marvel at the real estate sporting his name, his TV show etc.

    He seems mean-spirited. He doesn't know when to give up on the small stuff. Be thankful that neither you nor your associates are part of his marketing team. Those with this job must spend much of the day banging their heads against the wall.

    A shame he hasn't learned how wonderful it feels to help others. He may not be as rich as he tries to appear, but he could lend elbow grease to the cause, his and those of his staff.

    Bambe Levine

    I may be wrong..perhaps it was Bill Maher or a member of The Today Show's "The Professionals" team who said on The Today Show this morning (11-8) that someone should send Donald Trump to a hospital in South Carolina for some brain surgery. "I hear they do very good work there..." He's entering a new Twilight Zone in uncharted territory." Poor thing.... he's in serious need of help!

    Hank Goldman

    The Donald asked Barack for a college degree--
    Obama sent a message in the form of an.....

    Glenda Hoffman

    via Facebook...

    Love it, David!

    Robin Mesger

    via Facebook...

    I knew u were going to write this....I'm ur muse!!

    David Reich

    I just saw that MoveOn. org has a petition going to have Macy's dump Trump as its ad spokeseperson.

    Petition to Terry J. Lundgren, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President at Macy's Inc. which says:

    "Macy's: Donald Trump does not reflect the "magic of Macy's." We urge you to sever ties with him. Macy's says it has a strong obligation to be "socially responsible" and that "actions speak louder than words." Indeed. It's time to act."

    To sign, Click here:

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