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    August 22, 2010


    David Reich

    Here's what they're saying about this in the UK.

    'Ground Zero mosque'? America needs a reality check. Really

    Millions of Americans are furious about the 'Ground Zero mosque'. But it doesn't exist.
    by Charlie Brooker, writing in Monday's Manchester Guardian

    Rocco Sacci

    Great 2 cents blog on the mosque nonsense. But then again, Americans really have never been the nation of tolerance that they claim to be. And Christians should look into their worldwide history of intolerance, bigotry and genocide against other religions before "condemning" Muslims.

    Makes one proud to be an atheist.


    David, this issue has underscored the pervasive undercurrent of racism in this country, Frankly, it's shameful. You are correct that the center will be like the Y. In fact, it isn't a mosque at all, but a community center with a prayer room in it.

    The imam and his followers are Sufi Muslims, a moderate sect of Islam that is hated by the radicals/terrorists. Apparently, the US government sent him to the Middle East to influence others.

    All of this shouldn't even matter anyway. Either we live in a nation where all people have rights or we don't. If the tables were turned and the group was Jewish or Black, would the response have been the same? Maybe decades ago, but not now. Muslims today are the Blacks and Jews of yesteryear. When will America grow up?

    David Reich

    As reported in Media Daily News 8/26/2010...

    Jon Stewart's made an interesting point on "The Daily Show" about Fox News mosque controversy. That is, that the potential Park51 funder that they accuse of having dangerous Middle East ties is also the second-largest shareholder in Fox's parent company, News Corp. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns about $2.3 billion in stock with News Corp. and is an ally of Rupert Murdoch's. But Fox commentators would have you believe that you should be worried about him funding Park51 because he is dangerous, and "funds radical madrassas all over the world."

    Obviously, Fox News working up fears to keep people tuned in is nothing new. All the cable networks do it. But this particular story line seems particularly glaring in its baldness and refusal to admit that Fox does business with Talal. New York reached out to Fox News about Stewart's point. They had no comment, and directed us to News Corp. A News Corp. spokesman also had no comment.

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