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    February 09, 2008


    Ryan Karpeles

    I think writing is the most underrated (and under-honed) skill among people coming out of college today.

    Starting a blog is what ultimately landed me a job in marketing. And not a job full of cold-calls, sucking up, and filing papers. A job that I'm truly passionate about.

    If I had stuck with the traditional method (firing out 4,000 resumes), I wouldn't have had many options. At least not many good ones.

    Blogging allows you to showcase, refine and improve your skills as a writer. It also allows you to learn and grow and connect with other professionals in your area of interest. Frankly, it's virtually invaluable for any job-seeker with any ounce of ambition.

    David Reich

    I agree, Ryan. Poor writing ability is a problem senior p.r. people have been talking about for a long time. Knowledge of social media doesn't trump the ability to write well.

    Nathan Snell

    Would have to agree with the general consensus of what you said and Ryan's sentiment toward it. Writing is probably the most underrated skill coming out of college. Although I would also consider the ability to communicate ideas or thoughts within that (perhaps inaccurately, but it's something that comes to mind).

    @Ryan: I'm not surprised your blog helped you land a job, you do a terrific job on all fronts. While not quite as well versed writing wise as you, I am hoping mine can accomplish similar :)

    David Reich

    Thanks to both of you for your comments here.

    Norm Leigh

    Thanks for continuing to push the need to write effectively. In fact, I just posted on the same topic on my own blog. As a part-time writing instructor at the university level it's my task to teach future PR, advertising and journalism pros the craft of writing well. I love the job, but it's a difficult one, and it seems that fewer students are coming to college equipped with even a fundamental grasp of grammar and style. The problem is compounded by the increasing reliance on texting and instant messaging. All we can do is to keep trying, I guess.

    Staci L

    As a PR student who will soon be entering the job world, I found comfort in knowing that social media knowledge is not going to be the sole deciding factor in whether or not I am offered a job. We have been spending a good amount of time in my PR class going over social media, and while I feel that knowledge will benefit me in my career, I like to think that my writing ability would play a larger role. Social media is something that can be taught, but writing is a talent that is difficult to teach. Thank you for the reassurance that social media doesn’t outweigh writing.


    Learning the latest trends with social media, I think has been beneficial to my future career. My PR teacher has us all blogging weekly and we just created a podcast. I feel these tools are going to be helpful, as well as skills that will project me past a fellow potential candidate who I might be up against. But it's nice to hear that going back to the basics and having an understanding of the field we've been learning about for however many years of our college careers, is something that is still valued in today’s world. So many times, people are focused on advancing that you lose touch with why you got into the career you chose to begin with. Thanks for the refreshing view, and confirming my teacher’s daily lectures.


    This is definitely something that I need to hear, again and again. While I have been learning a lot about the professional uses of social media this term in class, I sometimes find myself shrugging it off. I am glad that I have started a blog, even if it was a requirement for class. And, even if it doesn't land me my first job, I have definitely learned a lot. Your thoughts make me realize my blogging efforts aren't worthless!

    Mary-Hospicia Venance Kafyome

    I really appreciate for your blog, it has helped me a lot in my research. I am a first year student pursuing MA in Mass Communication with a specialization of Public Relations at St. Augustine University of Tanzania based in Mwanza Tanzania. However, I still have some problems on getting some materials on Public relations teaching. Could you please send me more through my email?
    I will appreciate for your help.

    David Reich

    To the PR students who commented above -- thanks for reading my blog and I'm glad it helps. Stick with it -- PR can be an enjoyable and rewarding career.

    Kristin Fullerton

    I found your post particularly interesting since I am in the process of finding my first PR job out of college. I have been participating in social media as a requirement for one of my classes, and I agree that it is definately a valuable and marketable skill to have. However, it's important not to lose sight of the core communication skills (writing, speaking, etc.) that have been--and will always be--key aspects of any PR job.

    David Reich

    You got it right, Kristin -- core communications skills are key. Good luck in your job hunting.


    Thanks for this post. As a student trying to reconcile traditional PR disciplines with new media, I'm constantly wondering which will help me out more when I'm looking for a job. Especially since I feel more confident in the traditional disciplines. This was very helpful.

    College Research Paper

    I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others.


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    mildred stephanie

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    Never, ever lie on your resume, even if you think the truth is something that will never be discovered. If there is something in your past, you are not proud of, simply do not put it on your resume. You never know if the potential employer could somehow find out the truth.

    irving watkin

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