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    December 07, 2007


    Sweeeeet! Daft Punk rocks; have listened to their singles for a while.

    g. kofi annan

    Sounds like a typical scion event. I've been to a few where they didn't even have leaflets to take with you.

    Daft Punk have always had some cool videos.I had begun to hear a bit about the Daft Punk movie but now that I know your son is in it, I'll make point to go see it. One thing though, how will I know which helmet he is? :-)

    David Reich  - my 2 cents

    Hi Kofi. Interesting that other Scion events have been similarly low-key.

    My son is Hero Robot #2, the one with the black and gold helmet. He's on the right in the picture above.

    Drew McLellan


    A star in the family! The resemblance is uncanny! :)


    David Reich

    Re resemblance: It's that blank stare, right Drew?

    Josh Morgan

    Daft Punk have also been the beneficiaries of some incredible viral videos. Go to YouTube and search for Daft Punk. The most well known might be the "Daft Punk Girl" video with almost 1.5m views.

    David Reich

    Hey Josh --
    I took a look at the video, inching it a bit closer to 1.5 million views. Liked the music and that girl's dancing was hilariously good. Made me think a little of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine brought an office party to a halt with her dance moves.
    Thanks for sharing.

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