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    March 22, 2007



    "But should a company think of customer service as an overhead expense?"

    Co's should be thinking customer service as a marketing investment. We spend a heck of a lot of money on winning customers only to lose them with deplorable service. I see customer service as the #1 marketing issue right now (the #1 flaw of marketers? Not listening to their markets. And yet they could use service to do just that).

    That said...I loved this vid. Thanks for the chuckle ;-)

    David Reich

    Yes, ck, I agree. Customer service is -- or should be -- a marketing component. I'm saying that where companies are trying to save money by using offshore call centers, they'd be better off putting some of the labor savings back into better training and better systems that will enable customer service -- wherever on the globe it's coming from -- to be excellent.

    Lewis Green

    Good post David. What can be more important, therefore, worth a substantial budget, than making customers happy? My experiences with offshore customer centers have been mostly horrible, and as a result, I have twice so far dropped products I was using and gone to other brands.

    Bambe Levine

    That American businesses have to hire foreign companies to provide customer service to is disguisting. Businesses should first get their acts together and do it themselves. Start by upping the minimum wage to a level where workers can live. Then, train people better to be more efficient. All the "thank you for waiting," is painful and useless. Get on with it and get the job done....I resent that I have to give my social security number to someone in India. Customer service is to help the customer; not to further insult or push the customer away.

    Jeanne Byington

    Have we not yet gotten the message? Customer service: The oxymoron of this age. We’re not supposed to use it. We're in an era of do-it-yourself--assemble it yourself, from furniture to electronic equipment; figure out poorly written instructions yourself; get a product or service to work yourself–even a US post office package mailing kiosk; fix it yourself and if you can’t, toss it. Manufacturers would rather you buy a new whatever anyway--they make another sale and if you forfeit on a service contract, k-ching in spades! With all the mergers, do we have much choice and what do they have to lose?

    Sonia Roody

    To survive, most call center companies are forced to relocate their businesses to places where labor is cheap and highly-needed. That doesn't mean call centers should close their American industry, however. In fact, during the last year, the number of America-based call centers doubled, which in turn provided jobs to thousands of people.

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