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    February 20, 2007



    Hi David - welcome to the blogosphere! I'm dropping by via our mutal friend CK's blog and have been enjoying your posts. In regard to the jetBlue fiasco, jetBlue used social media (YouTube) as a crisis management tactic. Do you think that an in-place social media strategy would have impacted the short-term or/and long-term perceptions of the brand?

    David Reich


    Thanks for visiting as I launch. I think we've spoken during CK's MPBook Club.

    Yes, having a plan in place is the crucial element of crisis communications. Being in an industry where tragic accidents happen, I am sure Jet Blue has a crisis communications plan. I don't know if their plan included use of social media like YouTube, by I suspect it did.

    Jet Blue CEO Dave Neeleman has been everywhere in the media, talking with print and electronic newspeople, making appearances on Today and David Letterman and lots more.

    It looks like they're using social media as well. I'm told the airline's new Passenger Bill of Rights is playing on YouTube, and I was very impressed to see an ad inviting me to view their Bill of Rights when I viewed a post on Jet Blue by Jeanne Bliss on today's MPDailyFix blog.

    They seem to have their crisis communications act together and, barring some other disaster, I think they'll come out of this bruised but fine. It seems like a lot of consumers are rooting for them to succeed.

    vaspers the grate

    I have not heard on the stupid MSM any reason for why JetBlue got hit so hard with the weather-based failures, canceled flights, etc. Why JetBlue and not other airlines? Or is JetBlue victim of a JB sucks campaign?

    David Reich

    Vaspers, when I saw Neeleman on the David Letterman show, Letterman actually pressed him pretty hard onthat exact question -- why did only Jet Blue get so messed up by the weather that hit all the other airlines as well?

    Neeleman never answered it specifically, but he finally said something like "We blew it." He didn't make excuses, he just admitted that their systems fell apart.

    Maybe if I had been one of those poor suckers stuck on a Jet Blue plane for 10 hours I wouldn't be so forgiving.

    David Reich

    Doing some online catch-up over the weekend, and I came across Toby's post at She poses the question she raised in her comment up above. Some interesting discussion there. Check it out if you haven't seen it.

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